Zoey is the love interest of General Aladeen in the political comedy The Dictator.


Zoey runs an organic supermarket staffed by marginalised minority groups. She encounters Aladeen at a protest, ironically protesting himself. Due to Aladeen having his beard shaved off, replaced with a lookalike and dumped in the streets, Zoey doesn't recognise him at first and he uses a pseudonym to stay incognito.

Aladeen works for Zoey, who tries to curb some of his more unsavoury characteristics. He eventually starts to develop feelings for her. One night, Aladeen admits who he really is. Zoey is left upset and kicks him out.

When Aladeen is about to reclaim his dictator status and crush democracy in his homeland Wadiya, he sees Zoey across the room and realises that he loves her. For Zoey, Aladeen decides to establish democracy in Wadiya and celebrates by marrying Zoey.

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