Yukina is the love interest of Kuwabara from YuYu Hakusho.


Yukina lived with her mom and a male fire demon in the ice world until Yukina told about her twin brother and she left the ice world to look for him. In the Spirit Detective Saga, she was captured by the corrupt human Tarukane who decided to become to rich by forcing her to cry, as her tears are extremely valuable.  She first meets Kuwabara and they instantly fall in love.  

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Yukina and Kuwabara

She shows up in the dark tournament where she befriends Shizuru, Botan and Keiko.  She reveals that she is there to cheer on Kuwabara and Yusuke and she can help the two by healing abilities that she has learned as Kuwabara was on the verge of losing the fight and is badly injured.  She remarks after the match that Kuwabara is healer a lot faster than her powers are capable of as Kuwabara begins to bond with her.  

Yukina does not appear until the final episode, except for the flashbacks of Hiei and gives him a tear stone.  She is seen living in the Kuwabara's house she and Keiko had to wait for Yusuke and Kuwabara at the beach in the end.  Yusuke and Kuwabara reunited with her and Keiko and Yukina finally returns her feelings to Kuwabara.  In the end, she is seen with Kuwabara, Keiko and Yusuke while they are on the beach.

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