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Pain, The Deva Path




Former Akatsuki Leader






Stop the oppression of warring nations

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Childhood sweetheart

  Yahiko was Konan's love interest in Naruto.


Yahiko met Konan during a time of war. They were orphans who travelled the countryside looking for food. Along the way they met Nagato, a fellow orphan with potent ocular powers. The three orphans then ran into the Sannin, legendary ninja from an enemy nation. Feeling guilty over what their fighting had done for these children, one of the Sannin - Jiraiya - offered to train them in the ways of ninjutsu.

Yahiko x konan by theboard4szeg4

Yahiko and Konan

Over time, Nagato, Konan, Yahiko and Jiraiya became like a family. Yahiko showed the most enthusiasm, striving to use his ninja skills to make their nation a better place to live. He also started flirting with Konan. After three years, Jiraiya parted ways with the orphans, telling them they were skilled enough to look after themselves now.

Adult Yahiko with Konan and Nagato

With Yahiko in the lead, the three orphans became a freelance ninja team, gradually accumulating more and more members. Eventually they came to the attention ofHanzo, the current village head. Hanzo had Konan kidnapped and held hostage, saying that he would only release her if Nagato killed Yahiko. Not wanting to put that on his friend's conscience, Yahiko stabbed himself. Nagato then went on a rampage and wiped out Hanzo's entire platoon.

Yahiko's corpse

After that, Nagato reorganised their group into the Akatsuki, using Yahiko's corpse as a human puppet as well as the figurehead of their organisation. After Akatsuki was dismantled, Konan took Yahiko's corpse home and finally laid it to rest.

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