Yūna Matsubara

Yūna Matsubara is the love interest of Nanami Oda from the visual novel Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo. She is voiced by Pochi Uchino.

She is a second year high school student. She is a very smart, attractive, popular and rich girl, but dirty when she is alone with Nanami. Admired by the students of St. Michael's, she is the chairman of the Enviromental Protection Commitee. It was revealed that she first fell in love with Nanami when she rips her skirt before the opening ceremony.


When she is not around Nanami, she is extremely serious about her duties as a member of "The Environmental Protection Committee". She is very attractive, intelligent, very popular amongst the girls of St. Michael's. However, when she is alone with Nanami, the previous personality shatters entirely, shown to be very childish and perverted towards her. Often, making statements on how cute she is. She also seems to very possessive of Nanami, stating that she will not let anyone have her. Also, in the sixth game, she becomes desperately worried as she believes Nanami is having an affair with the third game's protagonist, Mai Sawaguchi. This trait shows just how much Yūna is in love with Nanami and truly does not want to lose the one thing that brings her true happiness.


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