Xander McCormick

Xander McCormick is a main character on the Disney Channel spin-off Bunk'd and the love interest of Emma Ross and Hazel Swearingen. He is a camper in Camp Kikiwaka in which he is the head councelor of Grizzly Cabin. He is very easy-going and passionate about camp, having been at Camp Kikiwaka since he was 8. He plays the guitar and sings too.

He is portrayed by Kevin Quinn.


Emma Ross

It was love at first sight for Emma and Xander when they met in the series' pilot on the Rosses' first day at camp. Xander plays a song to Emma asking her out and she accepts, but their first date on a picnic was almost ruined due to a misunderstanding envolving several euphenisms that lead Ravi into believing that Xander is a serial killer planning to murder Emma; fortunately, it turned out that Xander was actually trying to impress Emma by building a campfire to eat smores. He eventually asks Emma to be his girlfriend and they become an official couple for the entire series.

Hazel Swearengen

Xander knew Hazel and Lou since they were kids at Camp Kikiwaka. Since their childhood, Hazel has been massively crushing on Xander although he doesn't return her feelings. Hazel even has a stalker-ish behavior around Xander always follwing him around taking his things, etc. When Xander and Emma started dating, Hazel was insanely jealous and will go out of her way to sabotage Emma so that Xander won't love her. In Luke Out Below, it's revealed that Hazel is the one who inspired Xander to take up guitar when they were little by giving him a toy guitar and planting it next to a tree not far from camp after feeling bad for him being homesick. She left a note on the guitar to let him know it's from her, but after she leaves the wind blew knocking the note inside the guitar; since he never read the note, Xander mistakenly believed that the toy guitar was from Lou (although he found out years later and hugs Hazel as thanks).

Lou Hawkhouser

Although not necessarily romantic, Xander and Lou have a very platonic friendship since their childhood at Camp Kikiwaka. Lou was the one who mostly supported Xander throughout their years together at camp. A possible attraction between them was hinted in the episode "Dance In My Pants" when they almost kiss while slowdancing. Emma learned of their history and was very jealous of them, but they assure her that they are just friends and that Xander only loves Emma.

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