Love Interest

Full Name



Wyldstyle, among others over her lifetime.


The Lego Movie


Master Builder


Martial arts, super speed, creativity


Building things without following instructions


End Lord Business' reign of tyranny

Type of Love Interest

Tomboy Love Interest

Wyldstyle is the love interest of Emmet Brickowski in The Lego Movie And It Sequel The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part.


Wyldstyle is one of the Master Builders, a group of freedom fighters who live outside the normal Lego worlds building whatever they want. She acts like a typical punk-goth, but there's signs that this is just for show. Vitruvius claims that she changes her name constantly out of a sense of insecurity. Wyldstyle has spent her whole life looking for the "Piece of Resistance", a mysterious piece of red plastic that can neutralize Lord Business' secret weapon. Despite being the love interest, she is incredibly savvy in the ways of combat and construction, more so than any other hero character except for her boyfriend Batman.




Emmett and Wyldstyle

Emmet was just a typical construction worker who ran into Wyldstyle while she was looking for the Piece of Resistance. Emmet was immediately smitten with her. Wyldstyle initially thought Emmet was the chosen one because he'd found the piece before she could, but upon realizing how bland he was when it came to building things, she grew to resent him.

After the Master Builders are all captured by Lord Business and the Piece of Resistance was cast into the void, Emmet went after it, seemingly sacrificing himself in the process. Wyldstyle mourned for Emmet and, inspired by his courage, broadcast an inspirational message towards all the citizens of the various Lego worlds in the hope of making all of them just as heroic as Emmet. When Emmet returned from the void, Wyldstyle expressed her feelings for him. Since the characters's lips are just painted onto their heads, any romantic moments can only be physically expressed by holding hands.


Wyldstyle and Batman

Wyldstyle and Batman

Batman and Wyldstyle were a couple before the story began. The two have similar personalities and skills, but it's implied that their relationship doesn't have a lot of trust, as Wyldstyle believed that Batman would actually sell them out to hang out with the Star Wars characters. Batman would also go absent in several scenes, only to reappear whenever Emmet and Wyldstyle would start to get close, making the moment as awkward as possible. By the end of the film, Batman admits that Emmet appreciates Wyldstyle more than he could and that she would be better off with him.
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