Wilma Slaghoople
Wilma Slaghoople is the love interest and later, the wife of Fred Flintstone from the 2000 romantic comedy film, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. She is played by Kristen Johnston.


Even though she and Fred were already married in the beginning of the series, the film takes place before she and Fred became a family. She is first seen trying to find a new life, but she runs away to a fast food restaurant in Bedrock called Bronto King where she meets Betty O'Shale and Wilma ends up getting a job there. She then meets Fred and Barney and she and Betty began to date the two at the carnival and Fred wins a carnival game and gets a prize of an egg that hatches into a baby dinosaur and names it "Dino". She invited Fred, Barney and Betty to her home during her father's birthday party. Her mother, Pearl, didn't like Wilma's new friends. Chip Rockefeller, the smooth casino-owner congratulates Fred for falling in love with her and Chip plans to marry Wilma and sends Fred and Barney to jail. Fred and Barney were able to escape with the help of the Great Gazoo and Fred and Barney disguise themselves as dancers in order to get back to Rock Vegas and Fred disguises himself as Jagged in order to reunite with Wilma. Fred comes on stage and sings to Wilma briefly as he apologizes to his behavior to her and Wilma finally breaks up with Chip for good as she and Fred fall in love once again. Towards the end of the film, she and Fred were married.

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