William (Titanic - The Legend Goes On)


William is one of the main characters of the Italian animated film, Titanic: The Legend Goes On. He is also the main love interest of Angelica.



William is a wealthy young teenager about 17 to 18 years old who falls in love with a poor young girl named Angelica who is treated harshly by her evil stepmother and two stepsisters.

Angelica gets a beautiful gown and dances with William at a reception. When the Titanic hits the iceberg, Angelica makes it to a lifeboat and on the lifeboat and learns that William's nanny happens to be Angelica's mother. They find William alive and bring him onboard the lifeboat. At the end of the film, the two marry.



  • Angelica being treated badly by her stepmother and stepsisters is a reference to Cinderella.
  • Angelica and William are genderswapped versions of Jack and Rose Dawson from the 1997 film. Whereas in the 1997 film where Rose is a rich girl and Jack is a poor boy, William is a rich boy and Angelica is a poor girl.
  • DVD copies of this film are very rare and many people don't even believe that this film exists
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