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Wendy the Good Little Witch is a character that appeared in the Casper the Friendly Ghost franchise and the love interest of the titular character.


Wendy appeared as a recurring character in the Casper comic books while also getting her own solo series. While she is good friends with Casper, but their are hints that the two may have romantic feelings for one another. Like Casper, Wendy is a witch who use her powers for good instead of harming others. She lives under the wing of her three Thelma, Velma and Zelma in her own haunted mansion. The character has also appeared in cartoons and animated films. She made her live-action appearance in the 1998 direct-to-video film, Casper Meets Wendy and returned in comics in the 2009-2010 three issue mini series, Casper and the Spectrals.


Casper Meets Wendy

Wendy has also appeared in the 1998 direct-to-video film, Casper Meets Wendy and is once again as Casper's love interest. She is portrayed by Hilary Duff.



Casper and the Spectrals

Wendy has also appeared the 2009-2010 three issue comic book mini series, Casper and the Spectrals celebrating Casper's 60th Anniversary and giving her a whole new design. Rather than giving her the classic outfit, she now wears a red hoodie with a yellow star on the back of it, a black skirt, red tights with black strips, and two black gloves while carrying her broom on her back when she is not flying. They also gave her a more Gothic look as she wears black make up around her eyes.

In the comic, she tried to stop her aunts from scaring away the humans. She met with Casper and they instantly became friends, along the way, they meet with the Little Devil, Hot Stuff who pulled a prank on them by having the ogres caputre them after Hot Stuff pulled the prank on them and made them believe it was Casper and Wendy who did the prank. They tried to escape the net they were on be it turns out it was immune to ghosts and witches, Hot Stuff manage to save them and the three of them became friends. When the monstrous Volbragg attacked Spookytown, the three of them band together and tried to defeat him.


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