Wavern Dragon

Wavern is the love interest of Drago in Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

She is of course the twin sister of the villainous Naga, she will then became Joe Bakugan when he get out of the hospital, of course she will want him and the other brawlers to help her protect the infinity core, wich they will help her.

Of course after being reunited with drago, all the others will go to Vestroia tried to stop Naga,but Naga will go to the real world and order the others to find the infinity core and Wavern. of course when the rest of the brawlers go fight the evil Bakugan, while Dan stay with Drago Joe and Shun in the tower, Wavern will later tell Drago that she will not be able to stop Naga and tell him to kill her to take the infinity core.

Drago will refuse, but she will beg him because she do not want her twin brother to take the infinity core, of course she will be confronted by Naga and when he will tried to get the infinity core, as planned she will be kill by Drago wich will enrage Joe who want to blame Drago for her death. But Wavern in ghost form will assure Joe that its her who tell drago to do it, same if they know she will not return to life only to life in ghost form, Joe will be encouraged by Chen Lee to let Wavern go, wich Joe will get her his farewell.

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