Vladimir (Once Upon a Time in the West)


Prince Vladimir is the deuteragonist of the animated 2012 CGI film, Cinderella: Once Upon a Time in the West. He is visiting Felicity City in the Wild West with his mother the Duchess. Vladimir's goal is to rescue his mother and find the mystery girl he danced with at the ball. He is also the main love interest of Cinderella.


Vladimir is kind, polite, charming and a true gentleman. He cares for his mother the Duchess very much and is worried about her when she is kidnapped and shows his determination to find and rescue her from her kidnappers. He is also a romantic as he immediately fell in love with Cinderella the moment he saw her arrive at the ball. However, he can also be somewhat dense as for a good majority of the movie, he failed to realize that Cinderella was the mystery girl he danced with, but did eventually come to the realize the truth. He is also quite brave as well as calm, Cool and collected as he wasn't afraid to go out into danger shown as he fought the Captain. However, when overly stress, sometimes Vladimir can let his anger get to him, but immediately realizes his error.



Cinderella is Vladmir's main love interest.

Melody and Harmony

Melody and Harmony are Cinderella's stepsisters who want to marry Vladimir.


Felicity is Cinderella's stepmother and mother to Harmony and Melody.



  • He knows how to play the violin.
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