Vixen is the ex-girlfriend of Blitzen, the love interest of Robbie (before he fell in love with Donner), one of the members of the Sleigh Team and is the secondary antagonist of the 1999 short film Hooves of Fire.

She is voiced by Caroline Quentin in the original British version and Leah Remini in the American redub.

In the film, Vixen was Robbie's crush. She was aware of this, but didn't return the affections as she was already in a relationship with Blitzen (who was jealous of Robbie's father Rudolph's fame).

Whilst at a party at Santa Claus's house, Vixen went over to Robbie (who couldn't talk to her because he was immobilised by her beauty) and told him that she was send flowers and she knew they where from him because they were cheap, before walking away in disgust with Robbie saying that it was all the money he had. Later that night, after Blitzen convinces Robbie to quit the sleigh team, Vixen seductively tells Blitzen that it's a cold night and she needs someone to "stoke her fire", to which he joins her upstairs, saying Christmas has come already.

Vixen is later seen at The Reindeer Games with Blitzen and is seen holding hands with him as he is given high scores. When Robbie arrives to take part in the most important event, "The Steeplechase", Vixen goes over to him and tries to use his crush on her to stop him taking part as she wants Blitzen to win so he gets famous and takes her out of this "dive" (meaning that she no longer enjoys living in The North Pole and wishes to live somewhere better). But unfortunately for Vixen, Robbie, having gotten over his crush on her and now in love with Donner, says that he's going to take part and try and win.

After learning that Blitzen used a drug to cheat in the games, Vixen tells him that he's chucked (British slang for dumped) and is last seen attempting to hitchhike out of The North Pole.

It is presumed that she was successful at this as she is never seen or heard of again in the two later Robbie the Reindeer films; Legend of the Lost Tribe and Close Encounters of the Herd Kind.

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