Victorica de blois profile

Victorique de Blois is the love interest of Kazuya Kujo in the anime series Gosick.

Victorique is a small, almost doll-like, girl with very long blonde hair. She spends her days at the conservatory at the top of the library, reading several difficult books. Along with her sharp tongue, abusive bluntness and eccentric attitude, she possesses a genius level intellect which she applies as a consulting detective. After Victorique saves him from a near-arrest, Kazuya finds himself being entangled in every new mystery that occurs.

When she first met Kazuya she did not like him and thought that he was annoying and stupid for climbing up all the stairs in the library. She even ignored him and made fun of him, but gradually warmed up to him and began to trust and cherish him. Despite acting harshly towards Kazuya almost all the time, it's clear that she cares deeply for him.

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