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Vicky Lathum is Kevin's love interest in the American Pie movies.


High School

Vicky and Kevin were already going steady in high school, but hadn't had sex yet. During a party, Vicky overhears Kevin telling his friends he wants to get laid tonight, which offends her and she goes home.

Kevin spends the remainder of the school year trying to regain Vicky's trust. He succeeds when he manages to bring her to orgasm one afternoon, but puts his foot in it again when he's reluctant to tell Vick he loves her, but only because he wants to say it at the most romantic moment.

With high school drawing to a close, Vicky realises that her days with Kevin are numbered due to them going to different colleges. She tells Kevin that she wants to have sex with him on prom night.

After prom, Kevin and Vicky get a room and consumate their relationship, but only after Kevin tells Vicky that he loves her. The next morning Vicky tells Kevin that they need to break up, as a long-term relationship would just be trying to prolong the inevitable.


Vicky and Kevin meet up again a year later. Kevin wants to get back with her, but Vicky thinks they should just be friends. Vicky tells Kevin she's only ever dated one guy after him, while Kevin says he dated about three girls. Their friends figure out that both are lying to save face.

At a beach party, Vicky comes with a date, which upsets Kevin as he was hoping she'd get back with him. With some help from his friends, Kevin comes to terms with the fact that change isn't all bad. Kevin then tells Vicky that he's glad to have her as a friend and they party together, managing to regain what they'd lost.


In the years since, Vicky and Kevin lost touch. They meet up again, but this time Vicky is single while Kevin is married. After a night of drinking, Kevin wakes up in Vicky's bedroom and assumes that they slept together. Vicky is hurt by Kevin's assumption and avoids him. When Vicky's friend Jessica meets up with Kevin at the reunion party, she tells him that nothing happened between them and he should apologise to her. Kevin finds Vicky and tells her that while he's moved on from her, she'll always be his first love.

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