Veronica's human form

"I'm going to marry Chef tomorrow...AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!"

Veronica was the only woman that managed to capture Chef's heart in the animated comedy South Park. Unfortunately, she was also a succubus that wanted to eat his soul.


Veronica managed to enchant Chef by singing The Morning After by Joel Hirschhorn and Al Kasha, which compelled the often-singing Chef to join in with her. While initially trying to seduce her, Veronica managed to convince Chef that settling down with one woman would produce a more meaningful life.


Veronica's true form

When the boys meet Veronica, they immediately distrust her, due to the fact that she's managed to make Chef into another lame adult. They consult Mr. Garrison on this, who tells them that she's most likely a succubus trying to claim Chef's soul through his affection. After confronting Veronica about this, she tells them that they're being silly, only to transform into a demon and gloat on her immanent victory!

The boys try telling Chef, only to be pushed away. They then do some research and find out that by singing The Morning After backwards, they can banish her. The boys arrive on the day of Chef's wedding and start singing, only for their tape recorder to jam. This is aggravating enough to transform Veronica into her true form and kill Kenny. Luckily, Cartman fixes the tape recoder in time and they finish singing, banishing the succubus.

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