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"I realize that my humble home isn't as fancy as the Budweiser mansion, but I am coming into a great deal of money soon, and with that I shall be able to... improve... my business. (Leans forward lustfully) Shall we strip?" -Schoolgirl Kelly Winter to adult lawyer Kenton Davis

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There are three types of Love Interests:

Types of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interests

These bitches like having their naked bodies revealed to the world, like Haley and Allison, yet act all cowardly when in danger, and they often act all arrogant with their peers and make snidey comments about the people they see as scum. They love having their shoulders naked. Usually female, yet male versions do exist, like Vic de Phillipe. Schoolgirl versions can exist, like Melissa.


Usually when a damsel is possessed by Satan or one of his minor demons, or even God, for that matter, and the hero (or heroine, if LGBT) comes to the rescue. With villainous love, usually it bodes ill for all involved. Melissa is an example.

Damsel in Distress

Such is the case with the lustful Sharon Novak. Despite no longer being welcomed on this wikia, Veruca Salt is one. God she is lustful. Damsels often deliberately or unconsciously put themselves in dangerous situaters, such as being chased by villains, harassed by demons or ghosts, or winding up in villainous headquarters forcing heroes to get her. Or him, if that will make the male community feel more comfortable.

AND MEAT... FROM 1984!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, there are three types of love:

Types of Love

Unrequited Love

This apparently, is when one woman deeply loves a man (or woman) so much that the lover doesn't even know they exist. In other words their love is unreturned. Examples are Fiona Widdershins because Klaus loves her but she doesn't love him.

Love At First Sight

Such as Stephanie Seymour and her son Peter. This is when lovers meet, fall in love, and begin getting naked, like Haley and Allison. Also a clear cut case of this is Mary Brady and her son Charles.

Opposing Faction

This is what Romeo and Juliet, and Veruca Salt and her dad, went through. Communities who do not want a woman dating a man because he is black (like Kate Burlow in Holes with Sam the barleyman). Usually these lovers do end up together but it is very rare, even rarer in villainous cases like Anck-su-Namun. God, she is lustful.

My favorite pages

Despite what people say, Mr Salt and Veruca are in love (why else would he treat her like a princess) and their lust which makes them go into the chute after each other mark them as the greatest lovers of all time.

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