Uma is the possible crush of Harry Hook, she of course the daughter of Ursula and arch nemesis of Mal.

She work as a waitress in her mother restaurant Ursula Fish and Ships, when she see Mal on Tv in the restaurant she get mad, because she think Mal and the others betrayed all of the villains kids and their parents, and want revenge on Auradon because she wasn't chose to go there, and promised all villains kids the she will get the wand of Fairy Godmother she will free all of them and take over Auradon, Mal and Gil always call her by the nickname of "Shrimpy" a nickname she doesn't like to be called on.

When she see Mal return to the isle she wasn't happy, but she and her crew capture Ben and Mal want him back, she then propose a arm wrestle the winner will have what they want, unfortunately Mal lose and Uma tell her to bring her Fairy Godmother wand or Ben will be killed, she tell Ben that she was jealous of Mal and her friends to be chose to go to Auradon and not her, Ben tell her if she really want the chance he will giver that chance, but she refuse.

Mal and her friends arrive to the isle with the fake wand to trick Uma, as they sing the song "Its Going Down", of course after it she seen that she's being trick, and a sword fight broke on, angry that Mal Ben Lonnie and the other VK's escape she was about to gave up, but she escape the isle seeing that the barrier was open, when Ben show the gift for Mal at the cotillion Uma then show up, she thank Mal to let her escape and dance with Ben under her spell, Mal then see the tricks and free Ben from the love spell, wich anger Uma who jump in the water and change into an giant Octopus, has she fight with Mal Ben jump in the water and told them to stop, because Ben knew Uma want the best for her home and him for Auradon, has he convince to help him make both of their world better Uma then show remorse over her action and give him back his ring, before make a little smile and disappear in the water.

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