Trixie Tang is the love interest of Turner Turner from The Fairly Oddparents. She is the most popular girl in Timmy's school, and Timmy has a huge crush on her.  However, Trixie does not return the feelings to Timmy, much less even know he exists.  However, Timmy never gives up on trying to get her to notice him. He often uses Cosmo and Wanda to use magic which he could use to impress her.

There have been some moments in which Trixie seems to return some feelings. One time, Trixie admits that she respects Timmy for standing up for his friends. She then responds by kissing him, but then turns him down a few seconds later.

She also is shown to like "boy stuff", such as comics and video games. Of course, she refuses to reveal this to any of her friends for fear of being judged and thus, losing her popularity. In this episode, she confesses that what she wants most for her birthday is a friend who likes her for who she is. ==Gallery==

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