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Trish Piedmont is the love interest to Andy Stitzer in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.


Trish is a divorced mother of three (and grandmother of one)who owns a second-hand store near SmartTech, where Andy works. After Andy's friends find out that he's a virgin, they start sending attractive women his way, eventually leading him to Trish. Trish and Andy connect and Trish gives Andy her number.

Later on, Andy gains the courage to ask Trish out and she straight away says yes. They go out on a date and back to her place for sex, only for Trish's daughter to walk in on them and start screaming at her mother. Trish and Andy meet up again for a second date and Trish says that she wants to take things slowly after the first date ended in disaster. Andy is introduced to Trish's two youngest daughters and they bond over the course of 20 dates.

On the 20th date, Trish tries seducing Andy. Feeling the reality of what's about to happen, Andy pushes her away and they get into a fight. One of Trish's daughters convinces her that what they had was special and she should give Andy another chance. When Trish arrives at Andy's house in the hopes of making up, she finds all the porn and sex-toys his friends had left him. Trish then storms out with Andy in hot pursuit. Andy is hit by a truck but survives. When Trish runs to his side, Andy comes clean about his virginity. Trish tells Andy she's okay with that and they kiss.

Andy and Trish get married and consumate their love, ending Andy's virginity once and for all.

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