Trent Morgan Lane is the older brother of Jane Lane and the former love interest of Daria Morgendorffer.


Daria Morgendorffer


Daria and Trent

Daria has had a crush on Trent for the majority of the series. Whenever Trent was seen or mentioned, she'd go from deadpan to timid in a flash. Whenever Trent talked to her, Daria could barely get a few words out. Deep down though, Daria knew it wasn't meant to be. Trent is either too cool for her or too lazy to be a boyfriend. Daria eventually outgrows Trent and would later move onto Tom.

Trent seems to like Daria to an extent, but not in a romantic way. In one episode he jokingly mentioned taking Daria out if she were older. At the very least, he's aware of Daria's crush on him.


Monique is Trent's on-and-off girlfriend. Jane comments on how they break up every weekend is proof that they aren't right for each other. Presumably this keeps going on well past the end of the series, as Trent doesn't show any signs of getting with anyone else.


  • Trent's band Mysic Spiral was originally slated to get their own spinoff but never got past the pilot episode, matching Trent's own inability to get ahead in life!
  • Trent never did settle on a new name for Mystic Spiral, though in one episode he entertained the idea of using the word "explosion" in the new name
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