Treeflower as a hippie

Treeflower is Norb's love interest in Angry Beavers.


Treeflower is a recurring character who is usually depicted as either Norb's love interest-or in her earlier appearances-as the local pretty girl that Norb wins over. In her first real episode, she's the lead singer in a psychedelic band that Norb helps get into a music festival. She succeeds and they part ways as the band is invited to go on tour. In her second appearance, Treeflower has abandoned her hippy-identity and now composes elevator music. Treeflower later takes on superhero identity known as "Goody Good Gal", which is later revealed to be a way to bond with Norb's delusional brother Daggett. She makes a few appearances afterwards, usually lampshading the fact that her personality and appearance change with every episode.



Treeflower and Norbert

Treeflower and Norbert

Norb used to flirt with Treeflower (or at least a female beaver that looked like her) before her official debut episode, at which point he falls head over heels for her. Despite the mutual attraction, Treeflower's music career takes her away from Norb for awhile. When she returns, she's changed and no longer sees Norb in a romantic sense. The relationship gets tense due to the fact that Treeflower's new boyfriend is greatly disliked by both Norb and Dag. Eventually they manage to patch things up, though its unknown if they ever rekindle the romance.


Truckee is an obnoxious truck-driving shrew that both Norb and Dag hate. At some point on her travels, Treeflower's feelings for Norb waned and she decided to start a relationship with Truckee, likely because they we both travelers. Truckee later reveals that he doesn't feel that strongly about Treeflower and that his first love is his truck.

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