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Tigress, whose real name is Artemis Crock is Kid Flash/Wally West's love interest in Young Justice.



Artemis in her first appearance

Artemis and Kid Flash didn't get along at first due to Kid Flash resenting her for replacing Red Arrow/Speedy, but they eventually fell in love.

In Season 2 (set five years in the future), she and Wally left the superhero life, and the two began living and attending college together. She returns to duty in "Depths", only to subsequently fake her death so she can go undercover with Aqualad, adopting the identity Tigress, and apparently help him complete his long term mission. In "Summit", her disguise is uncovered. In "Endgame", after Wally sacrifices himself, Artemis is left devastated, and resumes her identity as Tigress in order to "get some distance".


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