Thorn HarvestarBen

Thorn Harvestar is a female character and Fone Bone's love interest from Bone comics .

Early Life

Thorn was born in Atheia as the heir to her parents throne. At her birth, the dragons revealed that she was a Veni-Yan Cari, someone who could hear The Dreaming naturally. When Atheia fell, her family was able to make it to Deren Gard, where they met up with her grandmother, but were betrayed soon after by Briar. Rose ran off with Thorn to deliver her to The Great Red Dragon while her parents fought off the Rat Creatures. Thorn was raised by the dragons for three years while her grandmother, the only family she had left after her parents were killed, found a home nearby the village of Barrelhaven. Thorn lived from then on with her grandmother, raised to believe that dragons were merely fictional.


Fone Bone: Fone Bone and Thorn have a strong friendship and deeply care for one another. They both have a great deal of loyalty and care for each other. Thorn also trusts Fone Bone telling him her dreams and worries before anyone else. While Fone Bone has clearly shown he has a crush on her, Thorn has never seen to show romantic feelings toward him.

Phoney Bone: Thorn tolerates Phoney well

Smiley Bone: Thorn enjoys Smiley's happy personality 

Gran'ma Ben: Thorn deeply cares for Rose, as she raised her 

Lucius: Thorn is good friends with Lucius

Bartleby: At first Thorn wanted to kill Bartleby, but she now sees him as a valued friend

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