Terri Fisher
Terri Fisher is the love interest of Jim McConnell and Woody Blake from the 2000 film, Mission to Mars. She is played by Connie Nielsen. She is first seen along with the Mars II crew entering Mars' orbit. During the trip to Mars, Terri has feelings for both Jim and Woody. She and the crew board the REMO orbiting Mars as Woody launches himself at the module and is unable to land on it. Terri tries to rescue him, but Woody removes his space helmet and dies to save her and Terri becomes upset and Jim comforts her to show that he loves her. The three enter the surface of Mars and they find Luke Graham, the only survivor of the original Mars crew. She, Jim and Luke enter the secret side of the mountain as they discover a martian as a martian allows Jim to be recognized as descendants. Terri returns her feelings to Jim as Jim waves goodbye to Terri and Luke as Terri, Luke and Phil head back to Earth at the end of the film.
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