Sylvia de Alisia is the love interest of Apollo in the anime series Genesis of Aquarion.

Sylvia is a noble from the Alisia family and the reincarnation of Apollonius' human lover Celiane. Silvia possesses great physical strength and admiration for her older brother Sirius, who she believes he is the real reincarnation of the "Solar Wing". Her main power as an Element is her psychokinesis, and later is revealed to be a descendant of Apolloius and Celiane, thus being a Shadow Angel/Human hybrid possessing some of the powers of a Shadow Angel.

As the story progresses, it is revealed she carries the "light" half of Celiane's reincarnated soul (the part that remembered what happened in her previous life). She bids farewell to Apollo as he decides to save the world through self-sacrifice, promising to look after his homeless friends and await his return 12,000 years later.

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