Susie Derkins

Susie Derkins, is a character, from the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. It has been implied that she and Calvin are secretly in love with each other.

Often, Calvin bullies Susie, and Susie can be mean to Calvin as well. It is been thought that they act like this to each other, to hide their true feelings for one another.

There are many hints throughout the strip that they have crushes on each other, such as how they always sit together during lunch, despite how they drive each other crazy.

One Valentine's Day strip, when Calvin sends Susie hate mail, and dead flowers, she punches him, but then walks away thinking "A valentine and flowers! He likes me!", while Calvin thinks "She noticed! She likes me!".

The Valentine's Day strip, which implies the twos feelings for each other

It has been said, that Susie was drawn to resemble the wife of Bill Waterson, the creator of the strip.

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