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Justice League


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Flight, Super strength




Defeat Wonder Woman and the Justice League

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Superpowered Love Interest

Superwoman is the villainous counterpart to Wonder Woman and a love interest to both Ultraman and Owlman and Her worlds Lex Luthor.


Lois Lane of Earth-3

On a parallel world known as Earth-3, there exists a version of Lois Lane known as Superwoman. Superwoman has all the powers of Wonder Woman and acts as her equivalent in the Crime Syndicate (a villainous version of the Justice League). In her casual time it's revealed that she lets Jimmy Olsen take lurid photos of her in return for favours. She is revealed at one point to be the last Amazon, as she killed all of her brethren to show off her strength.

While Wonder Woman possesses a Lasso of Truth, Superwoman possesses a Lasso of Submission, which forces any man who is bound by it to become infatuated with its user and do whatever they command.


Ultraman & Owlman

Superwoman and Owlman

Superwoman and Ultraman

The Earth-3 version of Superwoman is in a love-triangle with the villainous counterparts to Superman and Batman. Since Superwoman is the only woman on Earth capable of having sexual relations with Ultraman and surviving, he naturally takes her on as his mate. Owlman however, is much more intelligent and mature than Ultraman, traits that Superwoman obviously prefers as his acts of villainy prove to be more interesting than rampant destruction.

A recurring subplot is that Superwoman is pregnant, but the father remains ambiguous. It was later revealed in the Forever Evil miniseries that Alexander Luthor is the father and that the baby might prove to be the harbinger of an upcoming apocalypse. After the death of Darkseid, the baby is born and becomes his new avatar.

Alexander Luthor

Superwoman and Luthor

In Forever Evil, Superwoman eventually reveals that she had an affair with the Lex Luthor of her world. When Ultraman questions why she would choose an ordinary man over himself, Superwoman casually states that Luthor's ability to absorb superpowers makes him stronger than any other man.

In Other Media

Superwoman in Crisis on Two Earths

Superwoman is one of the main antagonists in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. This version of Superwoman is not Wonder Woman, but Mary Marvel. She is also the lover of Owlman, but Owlman is cold in the relationship.


  • Superwoman's alter-ego was not originally Lois Lane. That detail was changed some time after Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Lois Lane of Earth-3 was originally the wife of Alexander Luthor and the mother of Alexander Luthor jr.
    • Having Alexander Luthor be Superwoman's secret lover may be a nod to this original idea.
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