Summer Landsdown is the love interest of Scott and Dillon from Power Rangers RPM.

Her Story

She was once a rich and spoiled heiress. When Venjix forces attacked on her birthday, she was abandoned by her friends and staff during the escape. Her butler's self-sacrifice to save her taught her and made her a nicer and braver person

She joins Scott and Flynn and becomes the Ranger Operator Series Yellow Ranger and battles the grinders.

She first meets Dillon after Dillon thinks Summer is beautiful and Summer thinks Dillon is a nice man, but Dillon and Ziggy were thrown in jail, Dillon and Ziggy escaped and joined the RPM rangers as Ranger Operator Series Green and Black.

She begins to have romantic feelings for both Dillon and Scott.

While, Scott and Gem and Gemma join the crew as Gemma becomes best friends with her.

After the final battle with Venjix, Summer leaves Corinth with Dillon and his sister, Tenaya to begin a new adventure and Summer starts dating Dillon.