Sugar Belle

Sugar Belle is the love interest of Big Macintosh. She is a pony from our town who Starlight old village before she go

to Equestria after she became good, at first she was seem without her cutie mark wich was stuck in cutie mark safe by Starlight she make some muffin without any taste and thinking the mane six friendship was over, but she secretly invite them to her house where she and two of her friends Party Favor and Night Glider wanted to talk to them, of course she witness Starlight trick and get her cutie mark back at the end of season five she forgave Starlight and make brief appearance during season six.

But she reappeared again in Hard To Say Anything while the cutie mark crusaders which the members were Applebloom Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo decide to go with Big Macintosh to Starlight old village where he see Sugar Belle and fall in love with her, of course he was not the only one to be in love with her, Feather Bang was also in love with her and both of them tried to win her heart, but she get angry at them after they almost destroy her cakes business, but she discover that she had feeling for Big Macintosh after the cutie mark crusader help him to arrange her shop and they became a official couple.

She reappeared in The Break Up Break Down has she and Big Macintosh wanted to pass their first Heart and Hooves day together, she first passed by Mrs. Cake shop and Big Macintosh see her enter the shop has he overheard a conversation between Mrs. Cake and Sugar Belle, Big Macintosh think she was breaking up with him, he get very angry and break up with her which Sugar Belle broke in tears because he didn't let her explain, while she was leaving with her ingredients her wheel broke (Thanks to Discord) Big Macintosh go to her and tell her that if she want to break up with him its fine and explain he heard her conversation with Mrs.Cake, she tell him she was actually talking about her cousin and both of them rekindle their relationships and Big Macintosh bring her to his Heart and Hooves day surprise.

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