Stephanie has had many aliases including Spoiler, Batgirl and Robin

Stephanie Brown is the love interest of Tim Drake, the third Robin, the third Batman and later, Red Robin from the Batman comics. She started out as Spoiler. She first met Robin in the Batman comics from the 90s and she also begins a romantic relationship with Tim. She later becomes the new Robin, and then Batgirl until the new 52 era where Barbara Gordon finally went back to walking and became Batgirl once again.


The Spoiler

Stephanie became the Spoiler shortly after Tim Drake became the new Robin. Her motivation was primarily about disrupting her father's criminal activities, but the role of vigilante began to grow on her, so she started fighting crime every night.

Dating Robin

Spoiler would frequently run into Robin during her moonlighting. Their relationship gradually developed from a professional one into something deeper, with Robin eventually breaking up with his current girlfriend to be with Spoiler.

When Tim starts going to boarding school, he spends less time with Stephanie. This puts a strain on their relationship, to the point where Stephanie believes he's cheating on her. After going through several personal issues, they eventually split up.


Trying to get over Tim, Stephanie approaches Batman and demands to be trained as his new sidekick. Batman takes her on as the new Robin (Tim was on hiatus and due to his father's death), but finds that she's not competent enough and cuts her loose.

Desperate to prove herself, Stephanie pulls off one of Batman's plans to curb organised crime. It backfires horribly and Stephanie is captured by Black Mask. Black Mask tortures Stephanie, who escapes but is severely wounded. She's reported as dead shortly after.


It's eventually revealed that Stephanie had faked her death and was working incognito. Eventually she would take on the mantle of Batgirl.

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