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Stacey Wintergrin is the love interest of Spud from American Dragon: Jake Long. She is voiced by Tara Strong. She is the second blonde love interest in the series after Rose. She is one of the three co-captains of the cheerleading squad alongside Tracey and Lacey. She is very stuck-up and snobby to many people outside of her popular clique. She begins a romantic relationship with Spud, who has already have a huge crush on her and trying to win her heart. Despite this affection, she quickly flees after screaming in horror as Spud tries to greet her. She also tells him that she wants to use her power to do good for the world as she needs a bracelet that will restore her powers. She apparently uses mind control to make Stacy like Spud as Spud soon realizes that Fury just used him to free her sisters and lasts Jake's imprisonment forever. Back at School, Spud tries to tell her that it was okay if they broke up for Nigel Thrall, but she tells him that she likes him because he came up with a great idea for a dance to please her as Stacy begins to have romantic feelings for Spud as they share a dance in the janitor's closet. They would presumably continue to date in secret after this now that Spud has finally won her over by himself. She is also Spud's graduation partner and they are still dating and their relationship appears to be more public as she remains being his partner as she has romantic feelings for Spud.


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