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Sophie Grey is Scott Malkinson's love interest in South Park.


Sophie moved to South Park from Arizona. She has diabetes, which Scott Malkinson immediately takes note of while ignoring everything else about her. Scott then tries to woo Sophie, but soon finds out that all the other boys are interested in her.

He manages to get Sophie's attention by inviting her to his place to watch The Mandalorian. Unfortunately, the cable shorts out and the two of them are forced to watch it with the other boys. When the cable shorts out for them as well, tensions flare. Scott lashes out at all the otherguys for trying to take Sophie away from him, to which Sophie replies that she's nobody's girlfriend, least of which to someone who only sees her for her diabetes. Despondent, Scott trudges home in defeat.

The next day, Sophie offers to be Scott's friend, showing that despite not wanting a boyfriend, she doesn't hate him.

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