Master Of Disguise Part 1

"I have a boyfriend, so don't call me, okay?"-Sophia

"I never wanted to go out with yous! I'm in love with Rex, okay?"-Sophia Sophia is the love interest to Pistachio Disguisey, Trent and Rex from the 2002 film The Master of Disguise. She's played by Maria Canals-Barrera.


Her minor role in the film as an annoying sexy two timer who's quite content knowing that she can get anyone she wants just by flaunting her rather large exaggerated butt, with that reminds Pistachio of his mother's (which is why he's smitten with her). Pistachio thinks he has finally hit it off with a her again, but she is actually into Pistachio's fellow waiter, Rex.

She wasn't seen again until a scene in a local restaurant where she's dating Jennifer Baker's boyfriend, Trent despite involved with Rex. After seeing Pistachio standing up to Trent, she tries woo him so he take her back but gets rejected.


  • Even though the film was critically panned in the 2000s decade, Sophia and Devlin Bowman's harem were considered to be the good parts of the movie, mainly due to thier large exaggeratedbig butts, despite the small screen time.
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