270px-Solitaire Profile

Solitaire is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Live and Let Die. She is a psychic in the employ of Dr. Kananga.  As Bond entered New York, she describes Bond's journey to Dr. Kananga through the use of Tarot cards. After Bond follows Kananga to the Fillet of Soul restaurant, she first meets Bond. After the confrontation with Mr. Big, Bond asks her about the future. She had lost her virginity to Bond through their intercourse. She loses her psychic power and endangered her life. She and Bond evade Kananga's men and escape in Quarrel Jr.'s boat. She and Bond arrived in New Orleans, but the two were captured and taken to Mr. Big, but Bond manages to escape. Solitaire was captured again. Bond travels to San Monique and rescues her and finally kills Kananga. After Bond disconnects Tee Hee's arm and Tee Hee got flung out the window. Bond comforts Solitaire, showing that he loves her.

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