Slue-Foot Sue is the love interest of Pecos Bill from Walt Disney's Melody Time.  She is a cowgirl. She wears a white hat, a green polo shirt, a blue kerchief, a tan vest, a tan skirt, white gloves, white panties, and tan boots. She is first seen while riding a catfish.  Pecos first sees her and thinks she is beautiful and and she catches the attention of Pecos Bill and the two fell in love together.  The two make plans to marry.  On the day of the ceremony, she dresses in a beautiful yellow wedding dress with a big metal-spring bustle and tries to ride on Pecos Bill's trusty steed, Widowmaker.  She tries to ride on him, but Widowmaker becomes angry and tries to throw Sue off.  Because of wearing a big bustle, Sue begins bouncing out of control and ends up being shot up into the air and Bill tries to rescue her with his lasso, but misses and Sue lands on the moon and dies, leaving Bill to mourn the loss of Slue-Foot Sue.
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