Shizuka in the 2005 anime(latest version)

Shizuka Minamoto (Was born on october 10)is a main character from the Japanese anime and manga series Doraemon. She is the love interest of Nobita Nobi, the protagonist of the Doraemon series.


Shizuka Minamoto is one of the five main characters in the Doraemon series and the only female among the main characters. She is very kind natured and nice with a love of dolls. She is oblivious to Nobita's feelings for her. Nobita has had a crush on her ever since he first saw her in kindergarten. She is ten years old and a fourth grader (fifth grader in the anime) in her elementary school. She lives in Tokyo, Japan and is an only child. Shizuka enjoys playing the violin but is horrible at it, though she can play the piano really well. She also has a passion for cooking and baking and often invites Nobita over to her house to taste her food. In the end, she gets married to Nobita and has a son, Nobisuke.

Relationship with Nobita

It is hinted that Shizuka also develops feelings for Nobita later on in the series when they are older. She thinks of Nobita as her closest friend among her other friends, and grows to care for him later in the series. She sometimes embraces Nobita in a hug, and, rarely, a kiss.


  • Shizuka is very similar to Gloria from Richie Rich in many ways:
    • Both are love interests of the protagonists whom they get mad at for their bad habits, whether it was intentional or not. While Gloria gets mad at Richie for spending a lot of money on her (or so it seems), Shizuka gets mad at Nobita for looking at her naked while she's bathing after coming out of the anywhere door.
    • Both are mature for their age.
    • Both occasionally strain their relationships with the protagonists, usually because of misunderstandings. However, they always make up.
    • They are both main characters.
    • They are both kind to others.


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