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Shirley "the Loon" McLoon is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. She is one of the most frequently recurring characters on the show. She is Plucky Duck's love interest. Shirley is voiced by Gail Matthius.

Romance with Plucky

Shirley is sometimes pursued romantically by both Plucky Duck and Fowlmouth. There's indication that she is more in favor of Plucky, likely due to Fowlmouth's crude behavior and that she and Plucky are better acquainted as well as Plucky being close friends with Babs (one of her best friends). In the episode The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain, the Ouija board Shirley uses reveals that her perfect date is Plucky. Shirley has gone out with Plucky several times and occasionally they are depicted as a couple, whereas in the direct-to-video film, How I Spent My Vacation, she is reluctant to go with Fowlmouth to the movies and only gave in because of his insistence. There are times, however, Plucky shows interest in Shirley, but is rejected by her, mainly due to his ego. Ironically enough, Plucky and Fowlmouth do not appear together in her particular episodes.

Looney Tunes Love Interests

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