Sheila is the love interest to the killer tyre in the comedy Rubber. She was played by French actress Roxane Mesquida.


Sheila is a mysterious young woman who stops at the motel area where the tyre takes up its killing spree. Her history and overall characterization are never expanded upon, but she has an unmistakable French accent. Also, taking into account that the motel is within driving distance of Hollywood, it can be assumed Sheila may have been trying to find work as an actress.

The tyre takes an interest in Sheila that quickly turns into stalking. It "watches" her showering and swimming, implying that it can feel lust. When the police decide to kill the tyre, they attempt to use this to their advantage. The police have a mannequin that vaguely resembles Sheila stand before the tyre with dynamite strapped to it. Sheila provides a voice for the mannequin that alternates between flirting and provoking the tyre in an attempt to make it attack the mannequin and set off the dynamite. Sheila decides that this is too ridiculous and walks out. When the tyre is finally killed and reincarnated as a killer tricycle, it crosses paths with Sheila again, but moves on, presumably having lost interest in her.

Sheila's name is never mentioned in the film.

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