Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer is a character who appears in both the original 1981 slasher film, My Bloody Valentine and its 2009 3-D remake.

She's the love interest of Jesse 'T.J.' Hanniger (1981 film), Axel Palmer (1981 (ex-boyfriend) and 2009 (husband)) and Tom J. Hanniger (2009).


Sarah was a beautiful girl from Valentine Bluffs well aware of her town's bloody history.

She was in both films a former love of Tom Hanniger's and after he went vanished from the town for many years became his former girlfriend and moved on to Axel Palmer.

In the original, Axel turns out to be the killer and she ends up before hand rekindling with Tom again.

In the remake, Tom is the killer and she discovers of her husband Axel's illicit affair. Sarah, in the remake, was blessed with one child and runs a supermarket alongside the woman Axel is cheating with.

Behind the scenes

Sarah in both counts of the original and its remake is shown not ending up with Axel weather he is a serial killer or a cheater whom she has broken it off with.

In the one count, she ends up with Tom and the other helps stop his murderous rampage. Sarah is the final girl of both films.


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