Sara Jean

Sara Jean Reynolds is the love interest of Professor Philip Brainard from the 1997 comedy film, Flubber. She is played by Marcia Gay Harden.

Her story

She is first seen outside of the College. She tells Philip that the wedding is today and also tells him to be there tonight as Philip promises.

However, Philip is too busy doing his latest experiment which makes Philip break the promise to Sara and Sara becomes heartbroken.

After Philip discovers a green goo-like thing called "Flubber" along with his hovering robot assistant, Weebo for the entire night.

That morning, she became really upset at Philip for not showing up at the third wedding and tells him that their relationship is over.

As Philip tests his car with the Flubber experiment, he realizes that his old assistant, Wilson Croft begins a relationship with Sara.

Weebo tells Phillip to tell the truth to her. After Philip begins another test using the effects of Flubber on a basketball, he uses the fluid and sprays it on one of the basketball player's shoes and tests it out. Weebo goes to her house to tell Sara the truth as she reconciles with Philip.

Philip begins to demonstrate Flubber's abilities to Sara. After Wilson's assistants, Bennett and Hoenicker destroy Phillip's lab, steal Flubber and destroy Weebo with a baseball bat.

She and Philip avenge Weebo's death and retrieve Flubber to battle, Wilson, Bennett and Hoenicker, including his henchmen.

After she and Philip get Flubber back and raise enough money to save the college, she and Philip are now married as Flubber becomes their son and the daughter of Weebo called Weebette takes Weebo's place as Sara and Philip's daughter as they head to Hawaii in Philip's car at the end of the film.

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