Sandra Templeton (later known in the present scenes as "Sandra Bloom") is the love interest of Edward Bloom in the story scenes of the 2003 film Big Fish. Of course, before finding out what her name is, Edward had to be working for a year, gradually receiving trivia about her from his boss Amos Calloway. For example, he learns she favors daffodils.

When he finally meets Sandra, Edward declares his love and intention to marry her, only to find out she was engaged to Don Price, a childhood frenemy of his. When Don arrives, Sandra makes Edward promise not to hurt him. Because of this, Edward receives absolutely all of the beatings from Don and never fights back. This angers Sandra to the point where she calls off the engagement to Don. She manages to keep her wedding day on the same day, but all that changed was the groom, not only due to the break-up, but because despite having won the battle, Don lost the war due to having died of a heart attack on a toilet seat as a witch had predicted when he and Edward were kids.

Sandra is played by Allison Lohman in the story scenes and Jessica Lange in the present scenes.

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