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"All they do is kiss"

"How cute! They don't open their mouths, do they?"


"How cute!" 

-Bart and Marge's commentary

Samantha Stankey was Milhouse Van Houten first love in The Simpsons


Samantha moved to Springfield from Phoenix and instantly felt out of place, especially after Principal Skinner accidentally called her Stinky. Milhouse shows an instant attraction to her. While at recess, Samantha accidentally hits Milhouse in the face with a ball, giving Milhouse the chance to talk to her.

Milhouse starts bringing Samantha along with him and Bart, who grows increasingly annoyed with having a girl in their gang. His frustration reaches its peak when he finds them kissing in his treehouse. Bart then calls Samantha's over-protective father, who catches her kissing Milhouse and sends her to an all-girls Catholic school. Milhouse goes into a depression, only to snap out of it by attacking Bart.

Bart and Milhouse then visit Samantha's new school and Milhouse gets to say a proper goodbye, knowing that they'll never see each other again. Samantha gives him one last kiss, risking a fifty-rosary punishment in doing so.


  • Samantha gave Milhouse his first kiss, only for him to forget about it when he accidentally kissed Homer

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