Sam Sharp is the female love interest of Luna Loud in The Loud House.


Sam makes her first appearance at the end of "L is for Love". She is believed to be a male by audience until she was the girl that Luna has a crush on, making Luna bisexual.

In "Friendzy", in a dispute over privileges with her siblings, Sam was the first of her many friends she invites to her place in order to gain special privileges.

In the comic "Sam's Pick", Luna and Sam spend the day jamming throughout the Loud House and then exchange their guitar picks. The next day, Luna thinks she has lost Sam's pick, and tries to distract Sam while her siblings look for it. When they couldn't find it and Sam asks why she's been acting nuts, Luna admits that she lost her pick. But Sam reveals that she put both picks inside Luna's guitar case to make sure they wouldn't lose them. With the pick found and all is forgiven, Luna performs in the attic for her siblings with Sam.

In the comic "Midnight Melody" (printed in After Dark), Luna was staying up at midnight after being struck by inspiration to write a song for Sam. As she struggles with finding the right word that rhymes with "world", she decides to call Sam for advice (while fearing she may be asleep, that she'll think that Luna is a weirdo, or both). Fortunately, when Luna does call her, Sam was up bingwatching a new cooking competition show. As Luna confides to her with her rhyming issue, Sam explains that she's had the same problem and figured it would be "more punk" to make lyrics that don't rhyme and as long as they come from the heart, that's all that matters. Thanks to her advice, Luna was able to finish the song.

Sam will not make a major speaking appearance until "Racing Hearts".


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