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Sally Albright is the love interest of Harry Burns, in the 1989, classic romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally. She is played by Meg Ryan.

Harry and Sally met, when they were set up to drive together to New York, and they were both going to college there. Sally is planning on being a journalist. On the car ride there, the two argue about whether a boy and girl could be friends, without sexuel problems. The two eventually find a diner, and go to eat there, where Harry admits to being attracted to her. Sally is digusted by him, and how obnoxious he is, and accuses him of making a pass at her. Thw two arrive in New York, and part on unfriendly terms.

Five years later, Harry and Sally run into each other on a plane. Sally is not happy to see him, believing that he will hit on her again. However, she is surprised to discover that he is engaged to a woman named Helen. She reveals that she is dating a man named Joe. Harry suggests that the they remain friends, but Sally declines. They part ways again.

Another five years go by, and the two meet in a bookstore. They decide to go out for coffee. Harry reveals that he and Helen recently got a divorce, and Sally reveals that she and Joe recently broke up, after they realized they wanted different things. The two decide this time, to become friends,which Harry has now admitted can happen without sex getting in the way. The two enjoy each others company, and bond while hanging out. The go to a New Years Party, and dance together, and almost kiss, until they are interrupted. The two go back to being friends, but are undoubtedly attracted to each other.

One night, Sally calls Harry, crying to him that Joe got engaged, even thought he broke up with her, because he wasn't looking for marriage. She realized, he simply didn't want to marry her. Harry comforts Sally, and before they know it, the two are sleeping with each other. They wake up the next morning, and realize they made a big mistake. This causes tension in their friendship, and three weeks later, they have a huge arguement. This causes them to end their friendship.

Soon after, it is New Years Eve again. Sally goes to the dance which she and Harry went to the previous year, and Harry is alone. He begins to think of their relationship, and realizes that he loves Sally. He goes over to the dance, and tells Sally how much he loves her, in his famous speech. The two kiss and make up.

An interview with an elderly Harry and Sally reveal that they got married three months later, and have been living happily ever since.

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