Official neo sally acorn by elesis knight-d8qoion

Sally's new look in Post-Super Genesis Wave.

Sally "Sal" Acorn (sometimes known as Princess Sally) is the love interest of Sonic the Hedgehog in his Archie comic incarnation as well as the TV series - she has never appeared in the main video-game series however and is largely replaced with Amy Rose in current canon, despite this she remains a popular character and her relationship with Sonic has been a hot topic for many fans as well as characters in the show/comics itself.

She is a chipmunk and a freedom-fighter who often bickers with Sonic but also has clear romantic feelings for him, Sonic doesn't often like to show his romantic side but he has shown signs of liking Sally as well: in the later comic book series he and Sally finally do engage in a romance, though it is complex due to continual changes in the Sonic canon.

Sally Acorn has also had romantic run-ins with Antoine D'Coolette (who often fought with Sonic over her affections until he ultimately became romantically involved with Bunnie Rabbot instead), Geoffrey St. John (who also eventually found a new lover) and Monkey Khan (who Sally split up with after realizing she was still in love with Sonic) - she even considered a relationship with Knuckles the Echnida at one point as they were childhood friends but this never progressed past friends due to numerous events.

In the TV series Sally was also charmed at one point by Griff and played along with his affections to try and make Sonic jealous - however Griff was actually a criminal who was manipulating Sally in hopes of having her lead him to hidden treasure.

Tragically due to recent events in the comic book Sally and Sonic's romance came to an end and Sally has become a villain in the form of Mecha-Sally, due to her sacrifice: it was unknown if Sally would return to the Freedom Fighters, but for two whole years she was loyal to Eggman and didn't show romantic feelings towards Sonic (due to Eggman's roboticizer).

However, Sally is De-Roboticized due to the affects of the Genies Wave and has returned to the freedom fighters. Though in the new timeline, she and Sonic don't show much romantic interest in each other, but have fondness.