Sévérine (Berenice Marlohe) - Profile

Sévérine is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Skyfall. She is also the secondary antagonist of the film.  Bond first sees her in the apartment of the assassin Patrice's target while killing Patrice in Shanghai.  Inside Patrice's briefcase he finds a casino chip and follows the leade to a casino where he attempts to claim Patrice's payment of four million Euros for the assassination.  Bond runs into Sévérine and asks her for a drink.  Bond attempts to psychologize her it is revealed that she had been saved from the Macau sex trade by Silva and now works as his representative.  Bond asks to meet her employer, prompting her to lose her facade of aloofness.  She shakes with having fear and tells Bond that he doesn't understand fear like Silva.  Following the interrogation, the spy brought outside to find Sévérine injured and collapsed statue and Raoul Silva hands Bond an antique Percussion Cap Pistol and makes him shoot the glass off her and head and kills her.

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