Ronny Robinson

Ronny Robinson is the love interest of Will Aston from Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

Her Story

She was a top race car driver of worldwide fame and won a championship in Italy when Mack's father, Andrew Hartford contacted her.

She became the Yellow Overdrive Ranger and she begins a hint of romance with Mack after helping him use the Defender Vest and find the five jewels of the Corona Aurora.

She then meets Will, begins a relationship with him as she allows Will to join the team, showing that she has romantic feelings to him.

She gave the socks to Mack to counteract his bad luck to show that she has feelings for him, after Mack's bad luck is over, Ronny becomes shocked when she finds out that her socks have been washed by Mack and Andrew's butler, Spencer. Despite her Socks smelling so bad, she considers them good luck and has won 8 races while wearing them. 

In "Once A Ranger", Kira took her place as she, Mack, Dax, Will, Rose and Tyzonn were powerless against Thrax.

After she and the other rangers got their powers back, she teamed up with Kira , Adam, Tori, Bridge and Xander teamed alongside the Overdrive rangers.

She then discovers that Mack is an android. Ronny began to be romantic to Will, at the season's end she and Will began dating.