Rita the deuteragonist, from the 1993 comedy, Groundhog Day. She is the love interest of Phil Connors.

Rita works with Phil at the start of the movie. Rita is a news producer, while Phil is the weatherman. The two are given an assignment where they have to go to Punxsutawney, PA, and cover the Groundhog Day festival they have there. 

Although Phil always had a slight crush on Rita, she at first does not like Phil, as he is a grumpy, stuck-up, self-centered man who is rude to everyone. However, Phil begins to relive Groundhog Day over and over. Nobody believes him about this, as Phil is the only person whose memory is not affected by the time loop.

Phil decides to use this as a chance to date Rita. He tries to plan a date with her, and whatever goes wrong, Phil would do differently the next day, hoping he will eventually have the perfect day with her. However, no matter what he tries, he ends up getting slapped in the face by her. Eventually, Phil gives up on getting Rita.

One day, Phil is able to convince Rita about the time loop. She begins to taking a liking to him. Unfortunately, the next day, the time loop continues, and Rita has no memory of the previous day.

Towards the end of the movie, Phil becomes a much nicer, and selfless person. He begins using this time loop to solve everyone's problems (as he knows what will go wrong that day). He also uses his time to become talented in many different aspects. When Rita sees the new Phil, she falls for him. At the end of the day, an auction is held, and the winner gets to date Phil. Many of the town girls bid on him, as they have befriended Phil over the course of that day. However, Rita outbids them all and wins the auction, and wins a date with him.

Rita and Phil sleep together, and when the next day comes, Phil is shocked to see that Rita is still with him, and it is finally February 3rd, and Groundhog Day has passed due to fate finally letting him move on with life, as he has become a better person.

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