Reed West

Reed West

Reed West is the love interest of Tessa, He's a famous Pop's star that all the girls want has boyfriend and want to play with him in the play.


Has he arrive in the hotel after his assistant Freddie introduced him all the girls fangirl over him, of course just like her stepsisters Tessa also fall in love with him and did not talk to him has he make his speech, of course it was him who was suppose to play prince charming.

He is of course watching all audition and was a bit disappointed in all girls performing as he see a mysterious girl going to audition her name was Bella and did not know it was Tessa, as the engine for the carriage broke down Tessa repair it without showing herself Reed mistaken for a guy, until the next day that Tessa and stepfamily show up as his friends tell him who was the person who repair it he tell her that still some difficulty with the engine, Tessa agree to see what's wrong and fully repair the string, the both of them begin to have feelings for each other but she knew he is suppose to be with Harper.

Freddie tell Tessa that him and Harper were about to be fiancées wich break Tessa heart has he tell Angie what is going on with Tessa as she tell him to ask Freddie, after tht the play was about to be a disaster Reed finally comfront Freddie who explain him what he said as Reed tell him that for the first time he did fall in love with someone much to Tessa joy after he says it.

He enter the stage once more and see everyone was in shock after they heard him, has he heard Tessa singing and call her by the identity of Bella as she show up he realize that she was Bella and explain what happen she forgave him and he forgave his assistant telling him that he would not be the only star working with him, has him and Tessa go to the park with the engine.

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