Raymond only appeared in The Incredible Bulk, the ninth episode of Season 3 of Totally Spies! He was Alex's love interest for that episode.

He is a teenage bodybuilder who was also a gym instructor the girls went to. Alex developed an instant crush on him that was returned and he invited her to watch him in a bodybuilding competition. However, the episode's villain, Ulrich Wernerstein, a former bodybuilder, had developed a bar that increased muscle mass to crazy proportions while ultimately making people who ate them addicted to them and drive them feral. Raymond was tricked into eating some and the girls track Ulrich down and defeat him, but not before Alex eats some bars.

Sometime later, the girls are at a ski resort and see Raymond. Upon seeing how muscular Alex is, (not knowing it's temporary), he breaks up with her telling her he doesn't like dating girls more ripped than he is, driving Alex in a rage, forcing Sam and Clover to hold her down, ending the episode.